Small Town City "Round in Circles" CD

Small Town City "Round in Circles" CD

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Small Town City was formed in 2003 at Indiana University by the singer-songwriter duo Ryan Ahlwardt and Michael Luginbill.

Ahlwardt and Luginbill's debut collaborative release Round In Circles from 2003 features 10 original songs and a cover of the 1970s folk-rock trio America's song Tin Man.

Fans of Steely Dan, The Eagles, and John Mayer are sure to enjoy this smooth and dynamic album that features Ahlwardt and Luginbill in their earliest years as creative collaborators.

Track Listing:

1. Round in Circles

2. In My Head

3. Best Intentions

4. Little Peace Song

5. Small Town City

6. Your Eyes

7. Don't Say No

8. Side Street

9. Trouble

10. Hudson

11. Tin Man